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We offer a variety of videos to highlight and demo Nu-Calgon products. You can download the videos using the links below (right click and save as), or stream them from our YouTube Channel

AC EasySeal (133 MB)
AC Shine Demo (22 MB)
Blackhawk Aerosol Coil Cleaner (58 MB)
Cal-Blue Plus Product Video (86 MB)
Clean Connect Sprayer (100 MB)
ClenAir AC Drain Sucker (61 MB)
ClenAir Odor Block (92 MB)
ClenAir PurCool Green (67 MB)
ClenAir PurCool Strips (51 MB)

Coil Gun Demo Video (29 MB)
Connect Inject Video (80 MB)

EasyDye Demo Video (23 MB)
EasySeal Ultimate (141 MB)
Eco-Lyme Demo 2019 (106 MB)
Evap Foam No Rinse Demo (18 MB)
Everpure Filtration Demo Video (14 MB)

FlareMate Demo Video (18 MB)
Fluorescent Gas Leak Detector Demo (12 MB)

Gallo Gun Video (33 MB)

Gallo Gun Cannon Video (28 MB)

How to Clean a Mini-Split (131 MB)
How to Use AC Re-New (167 MB)
How to Use Rx11-flush (199 MB)

Ice Machine Cleaning and Sanitizing (40 MB)

2021 iWave Commercial Video (88 MB)
2021 iWave Contractor Video (99 MB)
2021 iWave Homeowner Video (82 MB)

Mini-Split Maintenance Video (225 MB)
Nu-Blast Demo (20 MB)
Nu-Brite Best Practices in Coil Cleaning (239 MB)
Nu-Kill Max Strike Demo (14 MB)
Nu-Solve Product Video (75 MB)

NuShield Animated Video (52 MB)

NuShield Introduction Video with music (28 MB)
Pan-Spray Video (44 MB)
Phase III Refrigeration Acid Test Kit Demo (121 MB)
Pipe-Dri Demo (15 MB)

PermaFilter Video (29 MB)

PowerZyme Demo Video (33 MB)
Quick Seal Pipe Repair Demo (23 MB)

Rx11-flush Full Demo (98 MB)
Rx11-flush Liquid Demo (119 MB)

Scorpion Intro Video (28 MB)
Spray-N-Bond Demo (12 MB)
Talon Flexible Spray Wand (93 MB)
Thermo-Trap Demo (31 MB)
Thermo-Trap Gel Demo (117 MB)

Thermo-Trap Putty (52 MB)
TriClean 2x Coil Cleaner (114 MB)
Tri-Pow'r HD Aerosol (32 MB)
Tri-Pow'r HD Get The Pow'r (92 MB)

Turbo Tank Demo Video (27 MB)

ULTRA Concentrate Coil Cleaners (52 MB)

ViroBlaster Video (42 MB)

ViroGuard Demo Video (21 MB)

Vital-Flo Demonstration

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