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Turbo Tank

  • Portable rinsing sprayer for use with clean water to rinse coil cleaner off of coil
  • Durable sprayer with optimal 130 psi water pressure
  • Removable 4.5 gallon water tank
  • Supplied with high capacity rechargeable battery, 12VDC vehicle adapter, battery charger, multiple nozzle options, heavy-duty hose/ sprayer
  • Includes eight inch 90° spray wand for cleaning indoor mini-splits


The Turbo Tank is a battery-operated, portable sprayer designed for use with water to rinse cleaning solutions off of HVAC coils. The sprayer is ideally suited for rinsing wall mini-splits, ceiling cassette units and coils in remote areas. It can also be used with warm water to rinse and de-ice components.

The Turbo Tank portable rinsing sprayer is designed only for use with clean water, and features a powerful 130 psi water pressure. It includes a heavy-duty rechargeable battery (with 12-volt vehicle adapter), battery charger, removable 4.5 gallon water tank, durable hose and spray gun, adjustable shoulder strap, two spray nozzles and an eight-inch, 90-degree spray wand for mini-splits. Options available for the Turbo Tank include an AC/DC power converter (#4778-12) and a 39-inch long 90-degree spray wand attachment (#4778-11).

The Turbo Tank can be used with Bio-Fresh CD, a bacteriostat/fungistat in select applications of indoor coils of ductless systems to aid in inhibiting future growth of microorganisms on the internal surfaces. The Turbo Tank is not designed for use with any indoor or outdoor coil cleaner; the use of coil cleaners will damage the sprayer and will void warranty of the sprayer – this includes cleaners/disinfectants such as Nu-Calgon’s Evap-Fresh.

Packaging Size Part Number Additional Info
39" WAND, TURBO TANK 4778-11 1 each
110V AC/ 12V DC CONVERTOR 4778-12 1 each


For complete details of assembly, operating, usage and care instructions of the Turbo Tank Rinsing Sprayer, consult the instruction insert that accompanies the sprayer. The instruction insert can also be downloaded at Please read and understand these instructions before using the product.

Assembly: Using the supplied 115VAC charger, fully charge the battery for eight hours before its first use. Separate the water tank from the power base by rotating the tank counterclockwise, remove the tank cap and fill with clean water. If warm water is used, the maximum temperature for use is 100°F. (Important: Do NOT add any coil cleaner to the water in the tank.) Cap tank and reconnect the water tank to the power base. Select the desired nozzle or spray wand for the application.

Operation: The Turbo Tank can be powered during its operation in one of three ways:

  1. For 12VDC vehicle adapter use: Connect to vehicle’s 12VDC power port. Turn unit on to “II” position also noted as “Cig Ltr” on sprayer.
  2. For battery: Charge battery and turn unit on to “I” position also noted as “Battery” on sprayer.
  3. For optional AC/DC power converter: Plug converter into 115VAC power source at the jobsite and plug 12VDC adapter of sprayer into converter DC connector. Turn unit on to “II” position also noted as “Cig Ltr” on sprayer.

Always wear productive eyewear and gloves when rinsing coil cleaner with the sprayer. Run the Turbo Tank Rinsing Sprayer for 30 seconds or until a steady stream of water is present, then proceed to rinse to coil. Depending on the condition of the battery, it will typically operate the sprayer for 30-40 minutes. The optional AC/DC power converter (4778-12) is strongly recommended to always power the Turbo Tank Rinsing Sprayer at the jobsite when multiple cleanings are anticipated.

The device is equipped with an automatic shutoff that de-energizes the motor when the trigger is not being pressed by the operator. Shutting down the sprayer: Turn the switch to the “OFF” position. Pull the trigger on spray gun to relieve any water pressure in the hose and spray gun. Always turn the Turbo Tank sprayer to the “OFF” position during transport between jobsites.


Warning: Always disconnect the plug from the power supply before performing any maintenance.

  1. Water Filter: Inspect the water filter screen before filling with water. Clean the water filter screen when necessary.
  2. Clogged Nozzle: A clogged nozzle will cause the operating pressure to be too high, causing the Turbo Tank to surge. If this happens, turn power off to sprayer, pull trigger on spray handle to relieve pressure and remove nozzle or spray wand. Flush nozzle/wand orifice backwards with compressed air and reassemble into sprayer gun.

Storage: The Turbo Tank sprayer needs be stored in such a way to protect from freezing. Do not store outdoors or in areas where the temperature falls below 32°F. Failure to remove water from sprayer in freezing conditions can damage the product and void warranty. Consult the instruction manual for other provisions on how to winterize the sprayer if it must be stored under a freezing condition.

For storage purposes, always turn Turbo Tank to “OFF” position, and squeeze the trigger of the spray gun to relieve pressure within the sprayer and drain the tank.

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