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Nu-Solve NR Sprayer

  • For use with Nu-Solve NR (4295-08) when water for rinsing is an issue
  • Durable, ergonomically designed backpack sprayer with big mouth cap for easy filling
  • High pressure spray (up to 150 psig) for added effectiveness with Nu-Solve NR
  • Internal pump. No holes or connections in bottom of tank to leak!
  • Large pressure chamber for long lasting pressure between pump strokes
  • Four gallon capacity with graduated marks



The Nu-Solve NR Sprayer is a versatile applicator designed exclusively for Nu-Calgon’s Nu-Solve NR. The backpack sprayer is designed with a durable, UV resistant, high density polyethylene four gallon reservoir with no holes or connections to leak! The large graduated tank includes an internal pump and provides long lasting pressure between pump stokes. The sprayer includes a big mouth tank with strainer for faster, non-splash filling. The Nu-Solve NR Sprayer is ruggedly constructed with reinforced hose and flexible wand and adjustable nozzle. The sprayer includes padded, adjustable shoulder straps and a convenient carrying handle.

The Nu-Solve NR Sprayer is designed solely for use with Nu-Calgon’s Nu-Solve NR (4295-08); an non-rinse outdoor coil cleaner when water access for rinsing is an issue. A few applications for Nu-Solve NR include cell tower cooling coils, multistory building where outdoor water access is not nearby, cleaning a residential condensing unit when the outside facet is turned off, and/or when a contractor prefers to have a smaller chemical footprint on the roof when cleaning commercial systems.

IMPORTANT: Nu-Solve NR is the only approved coil cleaner to be used with the Nu-Solve NR Sprayer. Not for use with other Nu-Calgon coil cleaners or competing cleaners. Nu-Solve NR can also be applied with a conventional tank sprayer.

Packaging Size Part Number Additional Info
1 each 4775-0


  1. Inspect the sprayer before each use. Before each cleaning season, test the sprayer with water before arriving at the jobsite with Nu-Solve NR to clean a coil.
  2. Always wear goggles, gloves, and durable shoes when applying any Nu-Calgon coil cleaner.
  3. Remove cap. Pour Nu-Solve NR into sprayer and firmly screw the cap on. Note: Never use this sprayer with any other coil cleaner.
  4. Place the sprayer on back and pressurize by pumping up to 15 times. For best results, the sprayer should be pumped every five seconds on a continuous basis while spraying. This will maintain the spraying pressure while cleaning the coil with Nu-Solve NR.
  5. Allow Nu-Solve NR to ‘work’ for a minimum of 15 minutes before turning the system on.
  6. After the coil has been cleaned, always release pressure in the sprayer by depressing the wand until flow stops. Carefully open the lid of the sprayer and pour any remaining Nu-Solve NR back into its original bottle. Never pour Nu-Solve NR or any Nu-Calgon coil cleaner into a container that is not properly labeled.

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