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200P/300P Poly Sprayers

  • Durable polythylene construction
  • Funnel top for easy filling
  • Utilizes a metal striking plate to prevent premature fatigue on the pump cap
  • Built-in air pump allows good working pressure to be obtained within moments
  • The spray nozzle gives a complete range of spray patterns
  • Equipped with a 14" brass wand, shut off and adjustable brass nozzle


The No. 200P and No. 300P Poly Sprayers are constructed of high-density polyethylene. They have a funnel-top, which provides easy chemical pouring. They come with a 10˝ polypropylene pump, brass handle and extension tube with adjustable nozzle and five feet of wear-resistant hose.

These sprayers can be used for spraying solutions of CalClean®, Special HD CalClean®, Alka-Brite®, Nu-Brite®, Cal-Brite® Plus and Evap Pow’r®-C on air conditioning cooling coils, air-cooled condensers, finned heating coils, refrigeration case or cooler coils, permanent air filters and other greasy, dirty surfaces.

Packaging Size Part Number Additional Info
2 gallon 200P 4771-20
3 gallon 300P 4772-0


  1. Inspect sprayer, and insure the hose is securely attached to the tank and to the shut-off handle.
  2. Remove pump assembly from tank by turning counterclockwise.
  3. To minimize foaming when preparing cleaning solution, add water to the tank before adding CalClean. Fill tank to fill line on side of tank.
  4. Close tank by inserting pump assembly through opening. Turn cap right (clockwise) until pump is sealed tightly into the tank (hand-tighten only).
  5. Pump plunger to compress air and create pressure in tank. Twenty strokes of plunger provides a good working pressure. As pressure drops during use, recharge with 20 or more pump strokes. More strokes will be needed if the tank is not full, or as the sprayer is used and the pressure drops.
  6. Nozzle tip may be adjusted to provide a single needle stream (tip screwed all the way out) or a fine mist (tip screwed all the way in). Spraying time will vary from about 5 minutes with the needle spray to about 12-15 minutes with the fine mist. The needle spray should be used on finned coils to reach the third and fourth banks better. Mist is better for cleaning permanent filters.
  7. Allow cleaning solution to remain in contact with dirty surfaces for about 15 minutes, then flush with water from a hose. If a hose is not available, fill sprayer with water and flush using a course spray.

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